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I.N.G. Japan Ltd. is a Japanese Customs Broker that offers you a diversified range of services and solutions to your import and export business.
We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience and we are very committed to provide our expertise to your necessities.




Our business comprehends port and transportation services, customs brokerage, logistics, and a customized assistence.

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We are also focused on shipments to and from any American military base located in Japan.



As of 1st April 2005, the law and regulations related to the privacy of personally identifying and personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) were put into effect in Japan.

Accordingly, I.N.G. Japan Ltd. shall comply with the applicable laws and regulations, as well as guidelines and other standards set by the Japanese Government concerning Personal Information.

I.N.G. Japan Ltd. may collect certain Personal Information required for our business management. We do not use personal information other than the purpose specified beforehand without provider’s prior consent. Further, we may use or transfer our collected Personal Information within the extent of our stated and agreed purposes only. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of Personal Information and will not use, provide, or outsource the handling of those Personal Information, except in the cases stipulated by laws and ordinances etc.

We respect any person’s right to his or her Personal Information. Upon receiving a relevant request and after the identification of the requester, we will respond appropriately and revise or delete any Personal Information of its proprietor that we may retain within reasonable manners.

I.N.G. Japan Ltd. does not assume a duty of confidentiality on the basis of this pledge information corresponding to each of the following items:

(1) When provided information by other party was already known.
(2) After receiving information from the other party, said information became known by third party.
(3) Information without obligation of confidentiality, already owned by public domain.
(4) Information obtained from a third party duly without obligation of confidentiality.
(5) Information received from other party that is not their propriety.

If you have any questions or request related to our treatment of Personal Information, please contact our office.